ideas for your san fran bachelor party

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We've got all the hot info on the most popular party spots for bachelor parties in the San Francisco area, plus booking info for your ultimate party bus transportation.


tip #4: after the game, you're gonna be hungry. fill up good or fill up cheap.

Time for lunch. You and your boys are going to want to hit up one of the best lunch spots in the San Fransisco area. If you're looking to continue with the sports vibe, try Union Square Sports Bar on Mason Street or Zeke's Sports Bar & Grill on 3rd. We would also highly recommend First Crush Restaurant & Bar on Cyril Magnin Street (best appetizers!), North Beach Restaurant on Stockton Street (upscale atmosphere!), and of course PIER 39 on The Embarcadero (incredible seafood).

tip #5: try new bars and nightclubs instead of the same old thing.

If you've taken our advice and rented a party bus, rather than just heading to your usual haunts, you'll want to try some new spots. You can head back to the usual after that ring is on your finger! We recommend Absinthe Brasserie & Bar on Hayes Street, The Irish Bank on Mark Lane, Fluid Bar & Lounge on Mission Street, and Brickhouse Cafe & Bar. Honorable mentions here are Toronado on Haight Street, Harry's Bar on Fillmore Street, and of course Tommy's Joynt on Geary Boulevard, and Zeitgeist on Valencia Street. The truly adventurous will try them all! If dancing and schmoozing are more your style, we've got some nightclubs to include on the list. Harry Denton's Rouge on Broadway (nothing fancy but always a good time!), The Cellar Nightclub on Sutter Street (Flashback Fridays!), Element Lounge on Geary Street (mind blowing atmosphere), and Ruby Skye on Mason Street (best DJs always bumping the best sounds). Any one of those will do you just fine.

tip #6: no bachelor party is complete without hot gyrating strippers.

^^^ That goes without saying. But when you're in the San Fransisco area, you know that you've got your pick of the crop. An incredible array of strip clubs and adult entertainment venues await you. Our favorites are Larry Flynt's Hustler Club on Kearny Street, Gold Club on Howard Street, and Broadway Showgirls on Broadway. There are many others, but those are the best.