ideas for your san fran bachelor party

Your proximity to San Fransisco is a huge perk when it comes to planning your bachelor party, because there are so many incredible stag party destinations within the city. Even if you've been in San Fransisco all your life, you may not be familiar with the hottest nightspots. You may be stuck in a rut in your usual haunts, overlooking the perfect location for your last night of freedom!Don't rack your brain trying to think of someplace new! We've already done all the hard work for you. On these pages we're going to tell you a few of our favorite places in the city to hold your big event, plus a few unique ideas to make it even more fun for you and your buddies. Just kick back with a cold beer and take a look at some of these wild ideas...

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We've got all the hot info on the most popular party spots for bachelor parties in the San Francisco area, plus booking info for your ultimate party bus transportation.


tip #1: rent a professional chauffeured party bus to put the party on wheels.

Our top recommendation for the wildest night of your life is to rent a party bus! This enables you to bring your entire party with you everywhere you go, from bar to bar, from club to club, from strip club to strip club. You'll be able to stretch your bachelor party into a day-long excursion if you like, beginning with breakfast and ending with a dessert of the hottest pole dancing in town! One of the biggest reasons to rent a party bus for your San Fransisco bachelor party is that you will not have to be concerned about drinking and driving. You don't have to choose someone in your party to be responsible for getting everybody home safe, and best of all you can travel in a huge pack, partying on the road, continuing to drink from destination to destination. We have attended several bachelor parties where they hired the services of a party bus company, and once you've experienced that there's just no going back. We can't recommend this highly enough.

tip #2: begin in the a.m. & go all night.

Your bachelor party is supposed to be one of the biggest events of your life, and yet too many of them begin when the night's almost over. The best bachelor parties we've attended started early in the morning, with a great breakfast at our favorite pancake house or coney island, followed by our choice of sporting events and then bars (but we'll get to that in a minute!). Think outside the box and begin your day early. Choose a great spot for breakfast, like Home Plate Restaurant on Lombard Street, or Darla's Restaurant on Irving Street. Fill up on a great meal and conserve your strength for later in the night!

tip #3: stag party + sports = EPIC WIN

Sports could never beat out strippers as the bachelor party entertainment of choice, but when added to your already awesome day, watching a game can only make it better. The choices here are endless, with our city being the hub of so many incredible sports teams and the home of so many world class athletes. We've got the 49ers, the Raiders, the Giants, the A's, the Warriors, the Sharks... everything from NFL to NHL, from MLB to NBA, plus golf and even NASCAR. Let your party bus take you from breakfast to the big game, and then head out for an awesome lunch...