Party Bus San Francisco

why you should rent a party bus for your bachelor party

Renting a party bus is the key to an amazing bachelor party. Why? No cramped cars. No hunkering down into a limo that's better suited for a bachelorette party. No worrying about drunk driving or a designated driver, because you've got a professional chauffeur taking care of things for you! And of course you'll also be able to keep the party going on the road. Just bring your own beverages and you can keep that buzz going in between party stops. The party buses from Party Bus San Francisco have bars with built in coolers, to keep all those drinks ice cold while you're dancing the night away in those nightclubs we were telling you about earlier.

the perks of each bus

If you opt for the 24-seater, that bus has an LCD screen television for you to enjoy, plus a booming sound system with subwoofers so you can bump those tunes while you're rolling from bar to club to strip club. An iPod connection makes that easy. Fiber optic lighting, leather perimeter seating, and wood floors only add to the upscale vibe. If you prefer the 28-seater bus, you'll have all the same perks as the other bus, plus a stripper pole. I don't know about you, but hiring a stripper to show off her skills while you're cruising the city streets definitely sounds like a plan for a great bachelor party!

booking information

The pricing varies by the day, and the pricing is by the hour with a 4-hour minimum. In general the weekdays are always cheaper. San Francisco Party Bus is located at 300 Webster Street in San Francisco, and they can be reached by phone at (628) 227-5628, or by email at To find complete information with more pictures and all the information that you need, just head on over to Party Bus San Francisco right now!

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Party Bus San Francisco

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